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Santa belt - artificial leather, black leather belt
Santa belt - artificial leather, black leather belt

Item Code: PAS1

An elegant Santa suit needs elegant accessories, and this belt fits nicely! The Santa belt is long enough at 64” to reach around most every “bowl full of jelly.” Even if your St. Nick needs a fake belly, our faux leather belt has you covered, with 26 holes and two belt loops. It’s strong, too, because the faux leather is wrapped around a fabric core for reinforcement. The Santa belt, at 3” wide, is much wider than the typical pant belt, and is fastened with a brilliant, light-gold colored 3½” buckle.

Santa will really look elegant decked out in a leather belt! The shiny black has a much more professional look than the usual fabric belts that come with Santa suits. And unlike other sellers’ belts, our belt’s buckle has function as well as elegant form – it’s a real buckle made for belt-holding work. Your St. Nick can be sure that the belt won’t come undone during his important present-delivery work.
Please note that this faux leather Santa belt is not accompanied by any of the items seen in the photo.

A 32"
B 61"