1. All orders will be shipped by 24 hours after we accept the order on a business day (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays), unless the product page states otherwise.
  2. An order is accepted when payment and all necessary forms are completed.
  3. Shipping time and costs depend on shipping method and the delivery address (including country). The exact shipping cost will be shown for a particular order during the order process.

Shipping fees

United States

2nd Day shipping (UPS)
Shipping time: usually 2 working days; guaranteed shipping time: 3 working days
Orders under $100: $29.99
Orders from $100 to $200: $19.99
Orders over $200: free

Expedited shipping (UPS)
Shipping time: usually 4 working days; guaranteed shipping time: 5 working days
Orders under $100: $19.99
Orders from $100 to $200: $9.99
Orders over $200: free

Some more remote locations require an additional charge of $35 for UPS delivery (2nd Day and Expedited). This additional charge will automatically appear in the total before checkout. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee delivery times in such cases.

Standard shipping (USPS)
Shipping time: usually up to 10 working days; guaranteed shipping time: 14 working days
Orders under $25: $9.99
Orders from $25 to $100: $5.99
Orders over $100: free

Delivery delay refund

  1. If your order doesn’t reach you in the time we guaranteed when you chose your shipping method and completed your order, we’ll refund some to all of the fee. If, for example, you chose and paid for 2nd Day shipping, which should not take more than 3 days, and it arrived in 4 days, which is less than the time guaranteed by Expedited shipping, then you will be refunded the difference in cost between 2nd Day and Expedited. If the actual delivery time is longer than any of the guaranteed methods, then shipping is on us – we’ll refund the entire shipping fee.
  2. Delivery time is counted until the day the order arrives at its collection point (the address you provided), and does not include the time until you collect it (at your doorstep, from the post office, etc.).
  3. Late delivery of a purchase entitles you only to the partial or full refund of shipping fees as described above, and not to any rights not listed in the above two points, i.e.: The right to return products other than described below, the right to a rebate, and the right to compensation for additional costs, lost profits, incurred losses, or any other reason.

Unclaimed orders

If, for any reason, you fail to collect your delivered order and it returns to us, there are two options.
  1. You may ask us to send it again. The shipping fees listed on the website do not apply in this case, and we will calculate the shipping fee on an individual basis. We will ship the product as soon as we receive the shipping fee from you.
  2. If you do not wish us to send it again, we will refund the cost of the product only – not the shipping fee – minus any fees the courier charged us for the return.