Natural Santa beard (20”) plus wig

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Special price thru November 15!
natural looking Santa beard and wig
natural looking Santa beard and wig

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No better Santa beard on the market, and it comes with a wig, too!
Highest quality.
This natural-looking Santa beard is an exceptional choice for Santas who want a dignified appearance. In this beard, St. Nick will stand a little straighter, a little prouder, when he looks in the mirror. (And might also feel awfully old!)
The remarkably natural-looking 20” beard is part of an authentically gray set that includes a wig (about 16”, long enough to touch the shoulders) and self-adhesive eyebrows. Beard and wig are both given gently wavy hair.
But it’s not enough to just look natural. It’s also soft to the touch, thick like a natural beard, and handsome.
This Santa beard is so authentic that at first glance, it really looks like the wearer’s natural beard! If you’re wearing it, only you know you’ve got elastic straps holding it on. Or, if you prefer, use our special beard glue. That way, you can let kids onto your lap, knowing the beard will show no gaps, even if a curious little one gives it a tug.
The voluminous Santa beard shown here truly looks like natural, well-cared-for gray hair. Professional Santas – this is the choice for you.