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red T-shirt for Santa costume
red T-shirt for Santa costume

Item Code: TSH

A just-in-case red T-shirt to be worn under Santa’s jacket or coat. Christmas red is rare in most wardrobes, so this could come in handy! Hide or replace your own shirt with this one, and protect your Santa suit from sweat.
We chose high-quality cotton for the T-shirt – wear-resistant and durable. It’s smooth, doesn’t pill, won’t shrink in the wash, and won’t lose little red fibers here and there. Its double-stitched seam is strong, so whether you’re Santa shaped, need a fake belly, or wearing it over a sweatshirt, you can be sure it’ll last for years. Wear it every day if you like!

A 29.5"
B 45.5"
C 46.5"
D 46.5"