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Thick Santa gloves for the standard suit

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Special price thru November 15!
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thick white gloves, white gloves for Santa outfit
thick white gloves, white gloves for Santa outfit

Item Code: REKGB

Santas in colder climates (and places with surprise cold snaps) will know the value of warm gloves. If it’s warm enough that you don’t need mittens, these thick, knitted white gloves will let your hands keep working for hours. They’re snow white, to match the standard fleece and velour suits, both the jacket and coat versions.
Please take a look at the ivory Santa gloves if you have or are considering the deluxe and super deluxe Santa suits.
Santa Claus just won’t be as jolly with cold hands – and no true citizen of the North Pole could complain about the cold weather! So whatever outdoor Christmas event you’re at, let the children’s good spirits warm your heart!

  • Machine wash warm
  • Do not dry clean
  • Dry flat
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

A min. 11.5"
max. 12.5"
B min. 3"
max. 4"
C min. 7"
max. 11"