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Saint Nicholas costume - deluxe model

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Saint Nicholas costume - deluxe model
Saint Nicholas costume - deluxe model
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No other Santa suit company offers garments like these!

The Saint Nicholas costume is comprised of a cope (cloak), stole, miter (the hat), alb (long tunic), beard and wig, and a rope that ties at the waist. Each and every part of the suit uses high quality materials.

The large cope (cloak), in deep red plush velvet, is lined with a shiny gold fabric. The lapels are trimmed with a broad gold and red design – in fact, all of the vestment’s trim is gold embroidery with gold thread. A short cape is sewn into the cloak, finished with the same gold lining and trimmed with gold tassels. It fastens beneath the neck with a gilded clasp. At 56" in length, the cope suits wearers of all heights.

Stole - 6" wide, made of the same material as the cope, featuring a gold trim. A band crossing the chest ensures it doesn’t slip off the wearer’s neck. Finished with gold tassels.

Miter - 14" tall, made of the same material as the cope, finished with gold trim. Adorned at the front with a Roman cross. Gold lining on the underside. From the rear of the miter, two 9.5" bands hang loosely on the back, decorated with gold tassels. The miter itself is stiff and sits perfectly in place on the wearer’s head.

Alb - made of thin white fabric , 61" long. Has long sleeves, and a stand-up collar fastened by a button at the back of the neck. The cuffs are fringed with 9-in wide white lace, and the lace at the bottom end measures 20 in. The alb may be tied at the waist with the cincture (the rope belt, included), which enables the wearer to adjust the length as needed.

Bishop Nicholas’s thick and very convincing Santa beard in a light cream color, together with a wig. The beard is 12" long and attached with elastic straps. The wig thoroughly covers the wearer’s own hair and ears to ensure that they will remain unrecognized.

The vestments are made in Germany. Even real bishops might envy St. Nick's refined attire!

NB: this product does not include the glasses , gloves or staff seen in the photo. These are sold separately.

A 61"
B 60.5"
C 68.5"
D 18"
A 56"
A 14"
B 26.5"

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