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Santa beard (12”) and wig

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Special price thru November 15!
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standard white Santa beard and wig
standard white Santa beard and wig
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Item Code: BRO1

Add years to your Santa look, whether it’s a lack of laugh lines or your hair is just not white enough yet. Or it is white enough, but it’s recognizable. So choose one of our Santa beards with a wig, and say good-bye to your concerns as you look in the mirror. Wow! Is that really you?

Our white Santa beard, in a set with a wig, is densely arranged in natural curls and waves. It’s 12” long, though some of the locks reach up to 16”! Two strong strips of elastic keep it in place; consider our special beard adhesive if you’d like to be even more certain. The wig is plenty long and voluminous to cover the elastic, the wearer’s ears, and his own hair. St. Nick won’t be recognized as anyone else! The complete set really fits the classic Santa Claus image – and it’s as convenient to wear as it is convincing.

Please note that this item includes strictly the Santa beard and the wig seen in the photo – the other parts of the costume are available separately.