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Elegant Santa beard (14”) and wig

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Special price thru November 15!
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elegant Santa beard and wig
elegant Santa beard and wig

Item Code: 30200.10

Santa has his suit ready and the elves are readying the sacks of presents… but if your face hasn’t grown – or can’t grow – a Santa beard, you’ll want this one! This wonderful, snowy white 14” beard comes in a set with a mustache, sideburns and a thick wig, all with the same thick, white hair. The beard sports curls, and the wig’s hair is arranged in gentle waves. It all works together to effectively conceal you so you won’t be recognized.

(If you would prefer extra certainty that the beard will stay in place, try the MASTIX glue for beards, available separately, which will keep the beard on almost as strong as if it were the real thing.)

The wig fits snugly, covering the wearer’s own hair as well as – crucially – the beard’s elastic straps.
All together, the three pieces – Santa beard, mustache and wig – create a convincing effect.

Please note that this item includes strictly the Santa beard, mustache and wig– the other parts of the costume seen in the photo are available separately.