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Long Santa beard and wig (16" - white)

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Special price thru November 15!
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long white Santa beard
long white Santa beard

Item Code: BRO2M

Professionals don’t compromise if they don’t have to, so we offer the perfect beard for the discerning Santa. Don’t waste a good costume or any other extras by getting a just-good-enough beard! Our long white beard will support and enhance the entire Santa look you create. You might even find yourself tugging at the beard when looking in the mirror to be sure it’s not yours!
This long, thick Santa beard (and wig) is a warm white color and includes a generous mustache. Gentle waves make the 16-inch hair look natural and real. The beard is made with two elastic straps to hold it on, though we also offer special beard glue to stick it in place.
The wig is also long, reaching the wearers shoulders and easily hiding hair, ears and the beard straps – there’s no way to recognize who’s playing Santa! Even more so with the self-adhesive eyebrows.
You’ll certainly feel like the real St. Nick with all this hair!
Please note that this item includes strictly the Santa beard and the wig seen in the photo – the other parts of the costume are available separately.